A Brighter Choice is a SCL (Supports for Community Living) provider located in Danville, Kentucky. A Brighter Choice provides quality services through the HCBW (Home and Community Based Waiver) which supports people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

  The goal of this medical waiver program is to provide people with an opportunity to live in communities as an alternative to institutions. Our program encourages participants to become a part of the community they call home.

 A Brighter Choice strives to enhance the lives of the people we support by providing skilled, caring, and respectful staff. The philosophy of A Brighter Choice is that all of the participants in our program are unique and we are very committed to considering the needs of ever person individually. 


“To provide the best opportunity for individuals to succeed in the communities that they have decided to call home. A Brighter Choice ensures the dignity of every person they support while empowering them to establish ties to their communities through both work and socialization.  We respect, encourage and appreciate each person’s rights to be individual and be the primary decision maker in their lives.

A Brighter Choice will assist the participant in identifying coordinating, and the arrangement of their person centered team. A Brighter Choice will facilitate the meetings that will assist a participant to develop, update and monitor their Person Centered Plan of Care. The participants’ person centered service plan will reflect the principles and tools of self-determination to assist a participant in creating supports and services that are designed to meet their needs and above all, promote choice, community experiences, employment and personal satisfaction.

The participants we support will be engaged in the greater community.  Their integration into the community will be individualized, respecting their choices, and having opportunities to seek employment and work in competitive, integrated settings.  Our ultimate goal is that the recipient of services, through A Brighter Choice, will receive all their services in their community to the same degree of access as any other community member. 

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 Linda Dye, Owner
Executive Director of A Brighter Choice, LLC

Linda is a life-long resident of Danville. She graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with a degree in nursing. She has owned her own personal care agency and has assisted people, to remain in their homes, since 1999. Linda started supporting people with disabilities in 2005. Her focus has always been to support people with more intense medical needs. Linda remains involved in ABC as an active board member & CFO of the agency. Linda has two sons and five grandchildren. 



 Sherrie Horn, RN
Agency Nurse

Sherrie is an experienced medical professional with a diverse background. With almost three decades of experience, she brings expertise in GI/endoscopy, CPR instruction, and crisis and intervention strategies. She is a proud mother of two and grandmother of four.

Kim Case
Michelle P. Waiver Services Coordinator/Medical Services Coordinator Assistant

Kim is an energetic, dedicated, and passionate professional with a drive for learning more. She brings seven years experience in Michelle P. Waiver and Adult Day Training services. Kim joined our agency in 2010 as a Direct Care Staff, in 2012 Kim was promoted to Day Training Coordinator and in 2015 Kim joined the Michelle P. Waiver team as the Coordinator. Kim is a key employee of A Brighter Choice. She and her husband live in Casey County with their two sons. 



Amy Fulton
Residential Services Coordinator

In 2015, Amy earned her Bachelor's of Science Degree in Psychology. Amy joined A Brighter Choice in the summer of 2015 as the Day Training Coordinator. In April 2016, Amy joined the Residential Services Team bringing her 15 years of direct care experience. Amy is trained in crisis prevention and intervention while training the staff in this area. Amy is a native of Danville and enjoys spending time with her fiance' and their two dogs.