Employee Spotlight

At a A Brighter Choice, we are blessed with an amazing staff and employees. Without them, we would not have the "bright" of A Brighter Choice. This page is dedicated to all the hardworking individuals that make our company special. Thank you for your compassion and dedication.  

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November 2018 - Andrea Tobler

“My name is Andrea Tobler, I’m originally from Mason, OH. I moved to Danville in 2014. I started in this field in 2009 and have always enjoyed helping other people. I began my employment with A Brighter Choice in February, 2016. I love being able to get to know the participants and forming a bond with them.  They are always able to teach me something new and that is what I am truly grateful for.”

-Andrea, A Brighter Choice Employee since February 2016


October 2018- LINDSAY belcher

"I'm originally from New Jersey, I moved to Kentucky when I was three weeks old and have lived here ever since. I am a direct support professional and I have been working for A Brighter Choice since September 2013. I love my job. I love the        participants I work with. I love the smiles they give me when I work with them, their personalities and silliness are so special and their "I love you’s" they give me makes me want to come to my job every day. They are my family. My hope in the world is for people not to judge people with special needs but, to love them and appreciate them like I do every day. Thank you, A Brighter Choice, for letting me a part of this family.”

-Lindsay, A Brighter Choice Employee since September 2013



September 2018- Kelly Deaton

August 2018 - Megan Sponcil