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Community Access Group/Individual: shall be provided by a community access specialist and shall be designed to support a participant to participate in meaningful routines, events, and activities through various community organizations; and empower a participant in developing natural supports. Community Access shall stress training that empowers a participant in acquiring, practicing, utilizing, and improving skills related to connecting with others, independent functioning, self-advocacy, socialization, community participation, personal responsibility, financial responsibility, and other skills related to optimal well-being as defined in the participant’s POC. 

(NEW!) Community Guide: designed to empower participates to define and direct their own services. These services are only available to those participants who choose Participant Direct services for either some (blended) or all of the support services.

Community Living Supports (CLS): Provided to facilitate independence and promote integration into the community for MPW recipient residing in his own home or in his family’s home, not at a community habilitation site. This service is provided one (1) staff to one (1) participant at a time.  

Day Training: Support the SCL recipient to participate in daily meaningful routines in the community, stress training in the activities of daily living and self-advocacy. Day training shall be provided in a nonresidential or community setting that may be a fixed location or occur in public venues. Day training shall not be diversional in nature. Day training shall be provided as on-site services which shall include facility-based services provided on a regularly-scheduled basis or as off-site services which shall include services provided in a variety of community settings. 

Day Training (Licensed Adult Day Health Center): means a program licensed by the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, Office of Inspector General, that provides organized health care for its clients during specified daytime hours, that may include continuous supervision to assure that health care needs are being met, supervision of self-administration of medications, and provision of nursing services, personal care services, self-care training, and social and recreational activities for individuals of all ages. 

(NEW!) Person Centered Coach: is an individual who would monitor, train, and assess effectiveness of Person Centered Planning. The Person Centered Coach models person centered thinking and is responsible for training the participant, family, guardian, natural, and paid supports as well as other team members who are recognized as an integral part of the person centered planning process when barriers challenge the success of the participant in achieving their POC goals. 

Personal Assistance: service that consists of assistance with eating, bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, or other activities of daily living. 

Positive Behavior Supports: are services designed to assist the participant with significant, intensive challenges that interfere with activities of daily living, social interactions, work or volunteer situations. These supports utilize evidence based and best practices in behavioral techniques, interventions, and methods to assist the participant to reach their goals and dreams outlined in their person centered Plan of Care (POC). These services utilize data collected during the functional assessment of behavior that is the basis for the development of a person centered positive behavior support plan. The plan shall be developed for the acquisition or maintenance of skills for community living and behavioral interventions for the reduction of maladaptive behaviors. The positive behavior support plans intended to be implemented across the setting and by individuals (both paid and natural supports) assisting the participant in meeting their dreams and goals. 

Residential Support Services: for participants who require up to 24-hours of support. Services are individually tailored to assist with the acquisition, retention, or improvement in skills related to living in the community. Supports available shall assist the participant to reside in the most integrated setting appropriate to their needs, and may include adaptive skill development, assistance with activities of daily living (bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring, maintaining continence), community inclusion, adult educational supports, and social and leisure development. Residential Support Services also includes protective oversight and supervision, transportation, personal assistance, and the provision of medical and health care services that are integral to meeting the daily needs of the participants.
ABC offers modern, clean homes, in preferred areas of Danville and Boyle County. Participants are encouraged to be independent with ADLs as well as IADL (Instrumental Activities of Daily Living).

Respite: A time of rest or relief for those persons normally caring for an individual. Respite service shall be provided only to an SCL recipient unable to independently administer self-care. It is provided in a variety of settings, on a short-term basis due to absence or need for relief of an individual providing care to an SCL recipient, only to an SCL recipient who resides in a family home provider, adult foster care home, or his or her own or family's home. Respite is limited to 1,440 hours per calendar year.  

Supported Employment: services shall enable a participant to engage in paid work which occurs in an integrated community setting with competitive wages and benefits commensurate to the job responsibilities. This is a one (1) staff to one (1) participant service. 


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