Our Employees

A Brighter Choice, LLC is one of the few agencies that employ staff the correct way. We classify our employees as just that, an employee. This means that we pay State and Local taxes, Workman’s Compensation, Unemployment, Liability Insurance, and all of our employees are Bonded.


What does this mean to you or your family member? This means that if the staff injures themselves on your property, it is the agency’s responsibility to provide medical treatment. It also means if the employee would damage your property, this is covered by the agency. The biggest thing is that if there is an accident involving your loved one, it is the agency’s responsibility to pay for those damages. Very few agencies consider these possibilities of risks.

Ask your current service provider these questions:

  • Do you pay Workman’s Compensation on your employees in case the employee would get hurt while working in my home EX: fall off the porch, or injure their back?

  • What if there is a car accident? Who is liable in that instance?

  • What happens if the employee damages my property?

  • How do I ensure that my daughter/son is protected in the event of some tragic accident?

Please consider this when selecting a service provider for your loved one.